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Gravity always wins.

28 November
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Hello you might know me, or have absolutely no idea who I am, however rest assured I'm actually somebody. Alien or not who knows, right? You'll find my journal just this; Random. I express my thoughts and oddities on here to release them from my simple yet complex mind. I ventilate, rant, and just carry on about things that cross my mind or do each day. Some may make sense, some you may relate, most will probably leave you with a blank stare. My journal will actually contain musings, not be full of quiz results I spend all day doing, I'd rather be productive while procasinating.

To cut to the chase on the rest; I'm a big drinker and love to run umock. Live life unplanned otherwise it seems more like a chore. Down to earth, optimistic and out going at the best of times. Love to ramble and dribble cod, political and religious discussions, philosophy, debates all that jazz.

I'm fascinated by languages, visual art and patterns, I enjoy history and imagination and I keep myself a child at heart. I over analize analitical situations and even though I can be a down right b!tch, I'm generous and kind hearted. I also write short stories, play online and board games TV doesn't mean much to me unless it's classic movies, my fav. sitcom or football, I dance around my house, and float most places. Lastly I remain loyal to my friends.
This is just a small taste of who I am.

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